Wahl ZX710 Slow Cooker

The Wahl ZX710 Slow Cooker is a great kitchen appliance than can be used to substitute normal cookers in your house. These slow cookers allow you to leave your food to cook slowly and do whatever else you want, making it convenient for you to get a lot of other work done while your food gets ready. Slow cookers like the Wahl Slow Cooker are a very healthy option for cooking as they not only use less oil but also make your food a lot more tasty thanks to the thorough manner in which it cooks the food.

This slow cooker is oval shaped and has a 3.5 litre capacity. It comes with 3 settings from slow to medium and auto warm which give you the freedom of deciding how to cook your food. The toughened glass lid provided also makes it easier for you to keep a check on the food while it cooks. The cooker has a removable ceramic pot which lets you serve your food easily. And to make things easier, the ceramic pot can be put into the dishwasher.

The slow cooker also has cool touch handles which make the vessel easy to hold and comes in a stylish black finish.

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