Tefal Slow Cookers

Tefal are a French company with a great range of small kitchen appliances. They have some excellent slow cookers that offer great value as well as overwhelmingly positive reviews. The brand is probably best well known for its non stick pans which feature the red spot in the middle which indicates the temperature of the pan. If you are in America you might know the brand as T-Fal but for the majority of the world they go by the name Tefal.

Best Tefal Slow Cookers

Although Tefal make rice cookers, microwaves, blends and many other small kitchen goods what we are interested in here is their range of slow cookers. They have about five slow cookers in their range at the moment with a good variance in prices. This means whatever your budget you should be able to find something in the line up of Tefal slow cookers. They have recently signed up with Jamie Oliver to create a signature line of slow cookers. These new items have received good reviews and although they are a little more expensive than their regular cookers they have been selling very well.

We will now take a quick look at some of the slow cookers from Tefal that are available to buy online today.

Tefal RK100815 Slow Cooker

This is the entry level slow cooker from Tefal. It is marketed as a rice cooker but also serves as a slow cooker. The Tefal RK100815 is their most affordable cooker of this type but it still has a stylish design and a decent amount of features. If you are looking for a good value slow cooker that is also designed for making perfect rice then this one is well worth a look. For the full specification of this cooker visit our Tefal RK100815 slow cooker page now.

Tefal Wikook P6060433 Fast Cooker

Although the Tefal Wikook isn’t strictly a slow cooker and is in fact marketed as a fast cooker it is still capable of making the same kind of meals as a regular slow cooker such as soups, stews and curries. It just does it all at a faster speed. This might not appeal to the purists but for those who love what a slow cooker can do but wish it did it a bit faster this is perfect. It comes with a full non-stick interior and exterior so cleaning it is a piece of cake. To get the low down on this revolutionary fast cooker click here now.

Jamie Oliver By Tefal CY400015 Multi Cook

This is one of two Tefal slow cookers by Jamie Oliver. Tefal recently signed up the celebrity chef to design a range of small kitchen appliances that meet his high standards. The Tefal CY400015 is one of those products and does not disappoint. It is a bit more expensive than a regular slow cooker but more than makes up for it in features and its stylish good looks. This one has a large six litre capacity and 1000 watts of power. It has three cooking modes and an auto-warm setting to keep the dishes ready until you are. It also works as a pressure cooker which allows you to cooker even more meals than a regular slow cooker. The Jamie Oliver Tefal CY400015 Multi Cook is an interesting product and is definitely worth a closer look. To find out more click here now.

Tefal Jamie Oliver Clipso P4110769 Pressure Cooker

This is the second cooker of its type from the Jamie Oliver x Tefal range. Although strictly speaking it is a pressure cooker it still might be of interest to you due to the high quality build and things it can cook. If you want to know more about the Tefal Jamie Oliver Clipso P4110769 Pressure Cooker click here now.

So there you have it: the best selling slow cookers from Tefal. They might not have the biggest range but they have some real quality items in their line up. With the recent addition of the Jamie Oliver signature models it looks like Tefal are set to maintain and even increase their popularity in the small kitchen appliances sector.

Tefal Slow Cooker Reviews

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