Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker

The Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker is ideal for those who eat rice regularly. The TEFAL RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker is a neat appliance that looks very stylish in your kitchen and makes your cooking experience easy and enjoyable.

This rice cooker is cubed shaped and has a silicone ring that is attached to the lid. This ring keeps all the flavour and aroma of the rice trapped inside without letting anything escape. And at the same time, if you want to keep a check on the rice while it is cooking, all you need to do is look through the glass lid provided. The cooker has a removable non-stick bowl which makes it easy to serve the rice. And after you finish, this vessel can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any hassles.

The Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker has an 8 cup capacity which is ideal for cooking a meal for your family and friends. The mechanical switch provided not only cooks the rice but also gives you an option of keeping it warm after cooking. The cooker comes with a number of extra accessories like a plastic steam basket, a spoon and a measuring cup. The dimensions of this product are 23 x 24 x 22 cm.

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