Is the Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 Cooker any good?

Review of the Tefal Rk302e15When it comes to getting a slow cooker for your kitchen, one thing you have to consider is if you have enough room for one. This gets especially important if you already have a good selection of small kitchen appliances, like a rice cooker, a bread maker or any similar items.

Thankfully it is now possible to get combination cookers that are multi-functional and can assume the role of many of your favourite small kitchen appliances. A good example of this in the past was the Tefal RK701115 4 in 1 Cooker. Although this model was very popular, thanks to its great value and the large number of things you could do with it, it is now no longer available.

But don’t worry! It has been replaced by a much more impressive model that doubles the number of functions of the old RK701115.

The replacement for the Tefal 4 in 1 cooker is the Tefal Rk302e15 8-in-1 Cooker. Which as the name suggests can do the job of eight kitchen appliances!  To order this cooker today and save over 20% click here now.

This great new product from Tefal can replace up to eight items in your kitchen, saving your lots of space and lots of money. Considering it is available for the same price as the old Tefal 4 in 1 cooker it is a real steal of deal.

In comes in a modern stainless steel and black finish making it fit in with the rest of your modern kitchen. It has all the suual functions of a good slow cooker such as a timer, warming up and delayed start. As well as that it can cook in these useful modes:

  •  Rice
  • Quick rice
  • Brown rice
  • Cereals
  • Oatmeal/Porridge
  • Steam
  • Slow Cooking/Soup
  • Cake

Apart from being an awesome slow cooker, the best feature of the Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 is its ability to steam cook food. This is the best way to cook vegetables as it prevent them from losing their vitamins and nutrients, as happens when boiling them.

Why Buy the Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1?

If you want a great value cooker than can do the work of eight other kitchen appliances all rolled into one then this is for you. Despite its many functions it costs less than you might think and is very affordable. It is also the healthier choice as you have more control over how ou cook your food as you have more options to hand.

If you want a feature packed slow cooker that offers great value then the Tefal RK302E15 8-in-1 is for you.

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Jamie Oliver Tefal CY400015 Slow Cooker

This is the new Jamie Oliver signature slow cooker from Tefal. The Tefal CY400015 was recently released after the announcement of the collaboration between the celebrity chef and the French cookware company. Due to be one of the first of many items from Jamie Oliver and Tefal they have gotten off to a good start with this one. It has great looks and a wealth of features. The main features that must be pointed out are:

  • 1000 watts of power
  • Six litre capacity
  • Two pressure release systems
  • Digital Timer

These are just some of the stand out features of the Tefal CY400015 but there are many more to take a look at. The Tefal Jamie Oliver slow cooker also comes with a cooking book from the chef with lots of great recipes to get you started with your new appliance.

There is currently £35 off of this slow cooker so get it while its hot!

If you want a cooker that has been designed in partnership with one of the best chefs in the world the Tefal CY400015 is for you!

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Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker

The Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker is ideal for those who eat rice regularly. The TEFAL RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker is a neat appliance that looks very stylish in your kitchen and makes your cooking experience easy and enjoyable.

This rice cooker is cubed shaped and has a silicone ring that is attached to the lid. This ring keeps all the flavour and aroma of the rice trapped inside without letting anything escape. And at the same time, if you want to keep a check on the rice while it is cooking, all you need to do is look through the glass lid provided. The cooker has a removable non-stick bowl which makes it easy to serve the rice. And after you finish, this vessel can be cleaned in a dishwasher without any hassles.

The Tefal RK400915 Cube Rice Cooker has an 8 cup capacity which is ideal for cooking a meal for your family and friends. The mechanical switch provided not only cooks the rice but also gives you an option of keeping it warm after cooking. The cooker comes with a number of extra accessories like a plastic steam basket, a spoon and a measuring cup. The dimensions of this product are 23 x 24 x 22 cm.

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Tefal RK100815 Rice Cooker

The Tefal RK100815 Rice Cooker is a great addition to any kitchen if you and your family enjoy eating rice and like your rice made to perfection. This cooker not only cooks tasty, fluffy rice within minutes but also lets you experiment with different kinds of porridges and other foodstuff. Tefal, which operates in over 120 countries, brings you the RK100815 Classic Rice and Multi Cooker.

This rice cooker has a power output of 710 watts, making it very powerful. It holds up to 10 cups of rice, enabling you to cook large amounts of food for parties and guests. The outer steam basket gives the food complete heating while the automatic cooking function cooks your rice thoroughly without you having to keep a watch on it while the warming function also makes sure that the rice stays warm even after cooking. And all this is controlled by a simple mechanical switch with two indicator lights.

The rice cooker comes with a silver housing that has a glass lid that lets you keep a watch on your food while it cooks. The components of the appliance can be removed easily for easy cleaning. Along with this, a spoon and measuring cup are provided with the cooker.

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The Best Slow Cookers Available Online

If you are looking for a slow cooker then you have come to the right place! We have lots of in-depth reviews ofthe best slow cooker on the market, that are available to buy online.

You are just a few mouse clicks away from changing the way you cook forever. Not a lot of people realise just how simple to use and how many great dishes that can be cooked so easily in one of these cookers. Congratulations! By finding your way to this site, it means that you are one of the few who really understands the potential benefits of owning a slow cooker.

We have reviewed all the best cookers available to buy online and compared their price to make sure you get the biggest saving possible. We have slow cookers from Morphy Richards, Tefal, Breville, Crock Pot, Hinari, Kenwood and many more.

Here are the best selling slow cookers, click on one to find out more or buy it online today:

We hope you find our slow cooker reviews helpful!

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your cooking and reinvigorate some old classic recipes you know then you can’t go wrong with a slow cooker or a rice cooker. Modern slow cookers have come along a long way since their invention many, many years ago. Now you will find them packed with features that our parents and grandparents could only of dreamed of when they used them in the past. Modern cookers of this type are now very affordable and even at the lower end of the price scale you do not have to make sacrifices when deciding on what features you would like in your new cooker.

Multifunction Slow Cookers

The constant advancement of technology has brought about many time saving inventions for the kitchen and multifunction slow cookers are right at the top of that list. Combing steamers, rice cookers with slow cookers they not only save you money but also save space in your kitchen as they can replace up to four other small kitchen appliances.

Slow Cooker Brands

When it comes to choosing a slow cooker there are many brands to choose from including well known household names such as Breville, Cuisinart, John Lewis, Morphy Richards and Tefal. As well as these popular brands there are also many other slow cooker manufacturers to choose from so no matter what your budget or requirements you should be able to find something.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Some good slow cookers come bundled with a recipe book to get you started but if you have worked your way through that book you should think about getting a dedicated book full of slow cooker recipes. Having a book of this type will ensure you get the most from your new slow cooker and go on using it for many years to come.