Slow Cooker Recipes

Here are our recommended slow cooker recipes books. They will help you get the most from your slow cooker and provide you with inspiration when it comes to deciding what to cook next.

Slow Cooker Recipe Books

These books can open up a whole new world of cooking to you and help you become a master chef in no time at all. Impress your friends and family with an adventurous dish cooked up in your new slow cooker. Click on a book below to find out more or add it to your cart.

Slow Cooking: Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

This book is a great companion for your slow cooker as it has over 140 recipes suited to slow cooking. In the main the recipes are based around preparing the meals in advance to be slow cooked whilst you are doing something else. They can even be slow cooked whilst you are at work, ready to be served up upon your arrival home. Recipes include rolled shoulder of lamb, red wind and mushroom pies, bouillabaisse, stuffed peppers and honey bread. This book is great for people new to slow cooking or those more experienced and looking to expand their list of dishes with which to impress friends and family.

Slow Cooker Quick and Easy, Proven Recipes

This slow cooker recipe book will open your eyes to just what slow cookers can do. It goes a long way beyond just the casseroles and takes your skills to the next level with soups, fish, curries, meat, risotto, poultry and vegetable dishes. The recipes are easy to follow with simple instructions and exciting photographs allowing you to get up to speed in no time at all!

Healthy: Slow Cooker Recipes

This 288 page slow cooking recipe book covers the more healthy and nutritious dishes you can conjure up with your slow cooker. The 100 or so recipes all feature full colour photographs of the meals you will be making once you have this book. Key nutritional information is provided for each of the recipes as well as a full nutritional analysis. This recipe book is also suitable for diabetics as it contains relevant information and guidelines. This book is a must, as it will enable you to take full advantage of your slow cooker as well providing healthy meals for you and your family. Don’t waste time and pick one up today!