Morphy Richards Slow Cookers

Morphy Richards is one of the best known brands in the UK when it comes to small kitchen appliances. They make a wide range of different pieces of kitchen equipment that are affordable and high quality and their range of slow cookers are no exception to this.

The main range of Morphy Richards slow cookers consists of about 10 key items that range in price from the mid range price point of about £25 right up to their top range slow cooker which costs over £50. So whether you are looking for a budget slow cooker for occasional use or a high end item for everyday use there should be something in range of slow cooker from Morphy Richards that meets your requirements.

Slow Cookers from Morphy Richards

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best selling slow cooker from this top brand that are in the stores right now.

Morphy Richards 48715 Slow Cooker

The Morphy Richards 48715 is their entry level slow cooker and as it is so competitively priced it is also one of the best selling slow cookers on the market. It has an attractive chrome finish and has a solid, sturdy construction that should last for many, many years. The 6.5 litre capacity is great for families or those who want to make a large quantity of food for freezing. It has a reinforced glass lid so you can see what is going on inside the cooker without having to let heat escape by removing the lid which is a nice touch. To read the full review of this item head to the Morphy Richards 48715 slow cooker page now.

Morphy Richards 48732 Slow Cooker

This slow cooker is a step up from the 48715 and due to this it costs a bit more. It isn’t as popular as that slow cooker but if you are looking for an appliance with a few more features without breaking the bank then this is the one for you. The Morphy Richards 48732 slow cooker has a nice shiny stainless steel finish which gives it a smart modern look that will help it fit into most kitchens. Again it has a 6.5 litre capacity which is ideal for cooking large joints of meat in as well as family feasts. It has three settings so you can cook a wide range of foods and is very easy to use. For the full specification of this item visit the Morphy Richards 48732 slow cooker page now.

Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour Slow Cooker

This slow cooker takes things to a new level. The Morphy Richards 48784 Flavour Savour isn’t your average slow cooker and takes things to a new level of home cooking! It has an ample 4.5 litre capacity and has a very modern and stylish design which helps it to fit into even the modest up to date and modern of kitchens. It has a high visibility LCD display and has a multitude of settings to enable you to cook a wide range of meats and dishes. For more information on this one visit the Morphy Richards 48784 page now.

Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef

This cooker from Morphy Richards is not just a slow cooker but also serves as a fryer, steamer, rice cooker, baker, boiler and stew maker. If you want a kitchen appliance that wears many hats then the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef is for you. As you’d expect for something with this many features and options it does cost a bit more but if you consider the amount of appliances it replaces it offers great value for money. To get the full details of this slow cooker combo visit the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef page now.

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker Reviews

As you can see there is a wide range of slow cookers from Morphy Richards from the entry level 48715 right up to the top specification 48810 Intellichef slow cooker. Here are some more reviews of Morphy
Richards slow cookers:
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