Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef

The Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Slow Cooker makes things so easy when it comes to cooking in any household. This slow cooker is a versatile one and while it is space saving, it has all of 9 programmes which allow you to shallow fry or steam your food, slow cook any food, cook rice, stew, bake or boil, reheat any leftovers and there’s an auto function that keeps food hot for up to two hours.

The Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Silver Slow Cooker comes packed with a serving spoon, bowl, spatula, spoon holder, measuring cup, instruction book and a great recipe book in full colour that gives you detailed instructions on how to cook your favourite dishes, whether it is soup, rice, pasta, whatever.

This slow cooker is small so you can store it away and take it out when you need to or even put it on your counter and it will still not clutter the place. It has a delay timer so you can start the cooking process whenever you want, even 24 hours ahead and it also has a digital clock with a countdown timer. It comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl which makes it convenient for you. Little wonder this revolutionary slow cooker is fast becoming a lot of people’s right hand in their kitchens.

There is currently £46 off of the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Slow Cooker so don’t be slow picking up this cooker!

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