Morphy Richards 48719 Slow Cooker

The Morphy Richards 48719 Oval Slow Cooker is a healthy alternative to cooking food in a pan. This oval slow cooker allows you to heat your food and cook it with less oil, giving it more taste and making your food fresh and tasty. The new Morphy Richards 48719 Oval Slow Cooker Cream has a 3.5 litre capacity which is ideal to cook a meal for four. And the best part is that you can simply let your food cook, add your ingredients to the crock pot and then leave your food there for hours without worrying about it.

This slow cooker comes in an oval shape and will fit perfectly in your kitchen, making it ideal for cooking all kinds of food from curries to casseroles to chicken. The vessel includes three cooking settings from low to medium to high, letting you choose your ideal cooking time. It has a removable ceramic pot that can be washed easily in the dishwasher and the toughened glass lid of the cooker enables you to monitor your cooking with ease without having to open it and letting any heat escape.

This slow cooker also comes with non-slip feet and cool touch handles, making it easy to hold and place wherever you want.

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