Morphy Richards 48718 Slow Cooker

The Morphy Richards 48718 Slow Cooker is the dream appliance for those who don’t like to stand next to their food waiting for it to cook. It is also perfect for anyone who likes eating healthy and fresh food. The Morphy Richards 48718 Oval Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is a cooker which has a large capacity of 6.5 litres, making it ideal for not just your family but also for you to cook large meals for guests.

This cooker comes with 3 cooking settings – low, medium and high, letting you set the time period which you want to cook your food for. This oval shaped vessel also has a toughened glass lid which lets you look into the vessel to see how much your food has been cooked without having to open it.

The slow cooker comes with a number of extra features such as a ceramic pot that is removable and can be used for serving food as well as cool touch handles which allow you to hold the cooker without getting burnt. Non slip feet are also provided, making this vessel very sturdy. Besides this, the cooker is completely dishwasher friendly, making your cleaning up very easy.

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