Lloytron E807 Rice Cooker

The Lloytron E807 Rice Cooker is a great option for those rice lovers who like eating delicious rice that has been cooked perfectly. The Lloytron E807 0.8l Rice Cooker is the ideal little rice cooker for anyone who wants to cook rice for a small family on a regular basis without any trouble. This time-saving appliance has a capacity of 0.8 litres, making it small, handy and perfect for any kitchen.

The Lloytron E807 Rice Cooker comes packed with a number of features that ensure that you get the best out of your cooker. The non-stick removable bowl makes it easy for you to serve your rice straight out of the cooker and it can be cleaned with ease after the meal. The 350W rice cooker also comes with warm and cool LED indicators that make it easy to read exactly what temperature the vessel is at. A toughened glass lid which has a stainless steel lid is also provided, allowing you to keep a check on your rice while it cooks without having to open the cooker.

The rice cooker also has an added Keep Warm feature that ensures that your rice is always kept at the perfect temperature. The appliance comes along with a measuring cup and rice fluffer.

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