Lloytron Automatic Rice Cooker

The Lloytron Automatic Rice Cooker might not be the most feature packed cooker on the market but what it lacks in gizmos it makes up for with its low price.

A rice cooker like this is the ideal appliance for anyone to have at home whether they live alone, with a partner or with their whole family. This small appliance fits neatly into your kitchen without taking up too much place and looks sleek and stylish. And what is even better is that the rice cooker makes sure that you have a great meal at every table without even having to make an effort to cook it. The 1.8L Automatic Rice Cooker is an inexpensive cooker that not only saves you time and energy but also provides you with great food.

The Lloytron Automatic Rice Cooker has a 1.8 litre capacity which is ideal for a meal for a small family or couple. A glass lid for easy monitoring and a non-stick removable rice bowl are provided which allow you to serve your food easily and also clean up without a hassle afterwards.

The rice cooker also has a keep warm feature that ensures that you are always served with hot and great tasting food. The appliance also has Warm and Cook LED indicators which help you to get your rice cooked to perfection. And besides this, a measuring cup and spatula are provided with the appliance.

If you want the best budget cooker on the market get the Lloytron Automatic Rice Cooker today!

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