Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker

The Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker is not only for those who want to cook rice. This rice cooker is an inexpensive appliance which looks stylish in your kitchen and allows you to make fluffy and tasty rice within a matter of minutes. No longer do you need to spend ages trying to make great rice and steaming vegetables, the RC410 Rice Cooker & Vegetable Steamer from Kenwood will do it all for you.

This rice cooker comes with a 1.8 litre capacity and a 3.5 litre water capacity that allows you to cook up to 10 cups of rice at a time. The cooker is designed so that it automatically turns off after all the water has been absorbed by the rice. And no longer do you need to worry about your food getting cold after it is cooked. This cooker has a ‘keep warm’ function that maintains the rice at the perfect temperature from the time it finishes cooking till the time you eat it.

The Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker also has a glass lid with insulated handles and a steam vent. A measuring cup, a spatula and a steam basket are supplied with the product.

The Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker is one vessel that every person should have in his or her home. The Kenwood RC410 Rice Cooker takes away all kinds of difficulties in making rice and instead gives you three easy steps to make a great meal. All that is needed is to measure the amount of rice and water and put them into the cooker and then switch it on and come back to perfectly made rice.

A rice cooker for serious rice eaters, this cooker has a minimum capacity of 3 cups of rice and can cook as many as 10 cups of rice at a time. And all this is cooked within a couple of minutes. Even if you cook your meal a little too early to serve, you don’t need to worry about your rice getting cold. The ‘keep warm’ function keeps your rice at just the right temperature even after it has finished cooking. And the removable pot allows you to simply serve your rice straight out of the cooker. The glass lid lets you look into the cooker and keep a check on your rice whenever you want.

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