Judge Mini Rice Cooker

The Judge Mini Rice Cooker is a great investment for all those who like cooking rice at home and do not want to spend time and effort in trying to get it right. The Judge Mini Rice Cooker JEA02 allows you to simply put the rice into the vessel with water and then watch as it makes fluffy, tasty rice within minutes. And what is even better is that this cooker is not only perfect for cooking rice but also allows you to steam and heat other food, enabling you to make a great meal all round.

This rice cooker is small and does not take up place in your kitchen. The stylish look and 1.5 litre capacity holds up to 3 cups of rice with ease, making it the perfect size for a small family. The ‘keep warm’ function makes sure that your food stays warms even after it is fully cooked, giving you delicious warm rice at every meal. And thanks to the dishwasher safe parts, cleaning up after you finish is never a problem.

This rice cooker is very easy to use. The one button operation is safe and simple while an instruction manual is also provided for convenience. A two year guarantee is also provided with this product.

Get the compact Judge Mini Rice Cooker and start saving space today!

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