Judge Mini Rice Cooker

The Judge Mini Rice Cooker is great for people who like their rice to look and taste just perfect. And what is even better if that now you no longer need to rack your brains trying to find ways to get the rice perfect. All you need to do it put it in the rice cooker and come back fifteen minutes later to find perfectly made rice which is tasty and easy to make.

The Judge Mini Rice Cooker is ideal for those living alone who do not like to waste their time or energy cooking rice in the kitchen. It is also great for small families and couples. This rice cooker takes only 15 minutes to make perfectly tasting rice. It comes with a toughened glass lid which lets you look into the cooker while the rice cooks so that you can decide how long you want to cook the rice for.
If you are the kind of person who likes to cook a little in advance but you don’t like eating immediately, then the Judge Mini Rice Cooker is perfect for you. The Keep Warm feature provided ensures that the rice is kept at a perfect warm temperature even after it has finished cooking.

If you want to save space, time and money then the Judge Mini Rice Cooker is for you!

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