JML V1910 Star Chef Cooker

The JML V1910 Star Chef Cooker is a multi purpose small kitchen appliance that has a great slow cooker mode. A slow cooker is just what you need if you are the kind of person who works all day and you don’t want to come home and spend your entire evening cooking in the kitchen. No longer to do you need to stand next to your food and watch it cook completely. All you need to do is leave it there, finish off your daily work and then come back to a delicious meal.

This slow cooker is also perfect for all the health-freaks who want to watch their oil consumption without having to compromise on the taste of their food. This cooking option is great for everyone since it also works out to be very cost effective thanks to the reduced intake of oil. And for those who want a cooker that will do a number of things, the JML V1910 Star Chef Cooker comes with a rice cooker, a steamer, a fryer and a bread maker.

This slow cooker has an attractive design that looks great in the corner of your kitchen. The LCD display provided allows you to set different functions with ease and switch between modes with a simple touch of a button. This 2.8 litre cooker has a non-stick cooking pot that is easy to clean as well as a keep-warm and reheat function. As seen on QVC!

The JML V1910 Star Chef Cooker is available at a great introductory price so don’t miss out!

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