Crock Pot SC7500 Slow Cooker

The Crock Pot SC7500 Slow Cooker is a great piece of kit for those who enjoy tasty and healthy food. These cookers cook your food evenly and thoroughly, making it taste fresh and great. Besides, slow cookers take up a lot less oil, ensuring that your food is healthy without making you compromise on taste. The Crock Pot SC7500 Slow Cooker has a 4.7 litre capacity which makes it big enough for you to cook for your entire family, keeping them healthy and happy.

This slow cooker comes with 2 heat settings – slow and fast. The slow heat setting is for when you want to cook food overnight, allowing you to leave the food in for around 12 hours. The fast setting gives you the option of cooking your food within 4-5 hours. These settings make it easy for you to simply leave your food to cook while you go and do whatever else you want without having to worry about your food.

This slow cooker also comes with a removable pot that can be put into the microwave or fridge, making it very easy for you to store anything that you have cooked. And for those who run out of recipes, 15 exclusive recipes from Phil Vickery are provided with the Crock Pot SC7500 slow cooker to get you started. What more could you ask for?

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