Breville VTP112 Slow Cooker

The Breville VTP112 Slow Cooker is the entry level cooker of this type from the popular small kitchen appliances brand Breville. As it is the entry level model it comes at a very affordable price but surprisingly for the price it is not lacking in features. Along with its great specification the Breville VTP112 also has great looks that defy its entry level status. This really is a great slow cooker that is ideal for anyone on a budget but does not want to sacrifice looks or functionality. Some of the great features of this Breville sow cooker include:

  • A generous 3.5 litre capacity ideal for feeding small families
  • A polished stainless steel finish giving it a modern look
  • Three temperature settings to give you total control over the cooking process
  • A removable ceramic bowl to allow you to serve your food at the table
  • A heat treated glass lid that enables you to observe your food without opening the lid and loosing heat

As you can see the Breville VTP112 is an attractive, competitively priced slow cooker that should be at the top of anyone’s list regardless of their budget. If you are new to slow cooking then this slow cooker review should have made your shopping decision a lot easier. We hope you enjoy your new product!

To view the full specification of the Breville VTP112 slow cooker click here now.