Breville Slow Cookers

Breville is an Australian company who are well known for making small kitchen appliances that are sold around the world and are especially popular in the United Kingdom. Their legacy goes back to when the company was first formed in 1932 but their breakthrough product was the electric sandwich toaster which they unleashed on the general public in 1974 to much success. As well as the sandwich toaster they also make many other small kitchen appliances such as regular toasters, blenders, food processers and of course slow cookers.

The Breville range of Slow Cookers

Just like any other type of small kitchen appliances the Breville range of slow cookers is pretty extensive and has a good selection of products at different price points. At the latest count there were about 20 slow cookers available from Breville. Their cheapest item sells for less than £20 while their most expensive slow cooker goes for over £60 so there should be something in their range to meet most peoples’ budgets.

Here are a few standout products from the Breville range of slow cookers:

Breville VTP112 Polished Stainless Steel 3.5 L Slow Cooker

The Breville VTP112 is the entry level slow cooker from this brand and at the time of writing is one of the top selling items of its type on The VTP112 offers great affordability with a solid feature set that includes a stainless steel finish that looks smart and modern as well as a generous 3.5 litre capacity making it great for feeding an average sized family. It has three temperature settings ranging from high to low and also has a removable ceramic bowl which allows you to serve your food at the table without having to move the whole slow cooker with you. Visit the Breville VTP112 slow cooker page to find out more on this great cooker.

Breville VTP067 Slow Cooker

The Breville VTP067 Slow Cooker is a good example of a mid-range cooker from this popular household brand. It is currently on sale at half its recommended retail price which makes it even more of a bargain than usual. It has a modern white finish that exudes class and comes with a healthy 3.5 litre capacity which allows you to cook large stews and casseroles. As with other Breville slow cookers this one comes with a tempered glass lid that allows you to view the contents of the cooker without having to open it up and let out the heat and drop the temperature of you food. Some other great features of this cooker include its three cooking functions and its removable ceramic bowl for ease of serving. For the full down on this cooker read our Breville VTP067 Slow Cooker review.

Breville VTP053 4-in-1 Multi-functional Slow Cooker

The Breville VTP053 4-in-1 multi-functional slow cooker is one of the high-end cookers from Breville. This is reflected in the price but also the feature set. The first key point to note is the capacity of the Breville VTP053 which is 4.5 litres making it a whole litre bigger than the other two previously mentioned Breville slow cookers. The next thing that stands out is the multi-function aspect of this small kitchen appliance. Not only does it operate as a slow cooker but it can also be used as a rice cooker, a meat fryer and a vegetable steamer. When you consider the price the Breville VTP053 offers phenomenal value that is hard to beat. If you want to save space by doubling up your kitchen appliances then you can’t go wrong with this 4-in-1 slow cooker from Breville. To find out exactly what you can do with this great bit of kit head over to the Breville VTP053 4-in-1 slow cooker page now.

Breville Slow Cooker Reviews

Here is a list of Breville slow cooker reviews that should help you find the right slow cooker for your needs. Click on a link below to find out more about that item and get the best price possible:
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