Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef

The Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Slow Cooker makes things so easy when it comes to cooking in any household. This slow cooker is a versatile one and while it is space saving, it has all of 9 programmes which allow you to shallow fry or steam your food, slow cook any food, cook rice, stew, bake or boil, reheat any leftovers and there’s an auto function that keeps food hot for up to two hours.

The Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Silver Slow Cooker comes packed with a serving spoon, bowl, spatula, spoon holder, measuring cup, instruction book and a great recipe book in full colour that gives you detailed instructions on how to cook your favourite dishes, whether it is soup, rice, pasta, whatever.

This slow cooker is small so you can store it away and take it out when you need to or even put it on your counter and it will still not clutter the place. It has a delay timer so you can start the cooking process whenever you want, even 24 hours ahead and it also has a digital clock with a countdown timer. It comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl which makes it convenient for you. Little wonder this revolutionary slow cooker is fast becoming a lot of people’s right hand in their kitchens.

There is currently £46 off of the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef Slow Cooker so don’t be slow picking up this cooker!

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Morphy Richards Slow Cookers

Morphy Richards 48810

Morphy Richards is a UK based company who are one of the most well known manufacturers of kitchen appliances operating today.

The Morphy Richards HQ is located on an industrial estate in Swinton, South Yorkshite but despite their humble beingings they are one of the most dominant forces in kitchen hardware. The company was founded in 1936 but their range remains as modern and up to date as ever spanning the whole spectrum of small kitchen appliances from toasters to kettles and hairdryers to slow cookers.

Their slow cookers dominate the top 10 best selling slow cookers on and with prices starting at under £25 it is not hard to see why. Although offering good value, Morphy Richards slow cookers do not scrimp on great features and there is something for everyone in their range no matter what your budget or requirements.

The Morphy Richards 48715 Slow Cooker is probably their most popular item and with its low price and fantastic 6.5 litre capacity it is not hard to see why. With a smaller capacity and a smaller price tag the Morphy Richards 48719 Oval Slow Cooker with its 3.5 litre capacity and which comes in a cream finish is great for those with less mouths to feed and want something a bit smaler. Something like the red Morphy Richards 48728 Accents Slow Cooker with a 3.5 litre capacity is great for those who something a bit more snazzy and stylish for their kitchen. With its red finish the 48728 is a great adition to any kitchen and its suprisingly low price adds to its attractivness.

However, the crowning product of the their slow cooker range is the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef cooker which features a whopping nine cooking modes including: shallow fry, steam, rice, boil, bake, stew, reheat, auto keep-warm and of course slow cook. It has a decent 4 litre capacity, comes with a digital clock and even a full colour recipe book to get you started. The 48810 slow cooker is not cheap but there is currently over £40 off the RRP over at The Intellichef is a great multifuction slow cooker that could easily help you replace most of the small appliances in your kitchen and despite having lots of programmes and modes is very easy to use. To find out more about the Morphy Richards 48810 Intellichef cooker click here now.

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Morphy Richards 48710 Oval Slow Cooker Stainless Steel 3.5L

The Morphy Richards 48710 Oval Slow Cooker is made from a modern-looking Stainless Steel and has a 3.5L capacity. It has a convient oval shape and has three settings – low, medium and high – and has a toughened glass lid to allow you to view the cooking process and keep an eye on your culinary creation. You’ll be glad to hear it is dishwasher proof and has a removable ceramic pot to save you slaving over a hot sink after you’ve eaten your meal. The non-slip feet and cooltouch handles are a nice extra touch making this a great entry level cooker.

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