Morphy Richards 48744 Rice & Pasta Cooker

The Morphy Richards 48744 Rice & Pasta Cooker is such a great addition to any kitchen, especially for people who do not enjoy cooking but still want to serve a great meal every time. Whether you live alone, live with someone or even with an entire family, this appliance is just what you need to make a great meal for everyone while putting in very little effort to make it. The Morphy Richards 48744 Rice & Pasta Cooker is ideal not only for cooking rice but also gives you pasta that is cooked to perfection.

A rice cooker with a 1.8 litre capacity, this appliance comes with a number of extra features to make it even easier for you to get a great meal. The vessel has a non-stick bowl as well as a ‘keep warm’ function which keeps your cooked food warm till you eat it. The cool touch handles allow you to pick up the vessel without being scared of having your hands burnt. A transparent lid is also provided for you to keep an easy watch on the food while it is cooking. The non-slip feet also keep the cooker steady at all times.

This rice cooker comes with a spatula and measuring cup included.

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